Multi-channel retailing

Multi-channel retailing is an e-commerce selling strategy that targets customers on various channels like website, online market places, social media, mobile app and call center. That is “E-commerce portal & omani channel retailing (Multi channel retailing) through integration technologies fulfills the future sales needs of any corporate jeweller.”

  • Develops virtual branch for online sales
  • Images of all shop items on web
  • Item sales are auto reflected online & in store
  • E-catalouge for online ordering
  • Online order triggers supply chain automatically
  • Online order status
  • Web based loyalty programs and gift vouchers
  • E-saving schemes
  • Reconciliation with payment gate-way
  • Interface with third party e-commerce tools
  • Data import-export with market places
  • Order and supply status is readily available to all departments

Retail Store Management

Modern retail store management enhances customer's delight by building customer centric processes. It also empowers employees for better understanding of e-age customers so that they can give smarter services to them. That is “With innovative technologies, rich buying experience full of surprises & pleasures can be enjoyed by this e-age customers.”

  • Touch screen/ mobile POS
  • Smooth process flow for credits, discounts and disassembling of gold
  • Flawless customer ordering covering all complexities
  • Day end with stock and cash tally
  • e-payments or payment devices for fast payments
  • Inbuilt feedback mechanism
  • Delivery of online orders in store
  • Interface with currency collection devices
  • Interface with signature pads
  • Item catalog on tab with price range filter
  • Information about customer likings in store or on portal
  • Auto recognition of customers with proximity technologies

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

With CRM, existing customers themselves provide an idea about sales opportunities through their past history or current behavior. It even helps in utilizing other team member's like salesman’s existing relationship to enhance customer interaction for lead creation. That is “CRM technologies incorporating opportunity identification, campaign management and lead creation bring new perspective for sales growth.”

  • Saving schemes and gold deposit schemes
  • Gift vouchers and loyalty programs
  • In store and call center feedback systems
  • Discount and sales promotion schemes
  • Customer analysis reports with dash boarding
  • Up selling & cross selling
  • Campaign creation based on customer data with appropriate filters
  • Auto campaigning through SMS and email.
  • Email view report
  • Assigning Tele-calling campaign to salesman associated with customer or call center
  • Lead and opportunity tracking
  • Mobile app for maintaining relationship with customers

Marketing Management

Marketing Management provides proper budgeting & planning of branding activities for creating meaningful and result oriented campaigns as per the target audience. It also assess the campaign efficiency. That is “Use of marketing management technologies is the most efficient way to make your brand and brand value reach to targeted audience.”

  • Marketing repository for reference
  • Prospective customer database creation
  • Prospective customer database import from excel and csv
  • Campaign creation for prospective customers
  • Marketing through SMS and email.
  • Email view report
  • Assigning Tele-marketing to call center
  • Lead and opportunity tracking
  • Marketing activity reports

Inventory Management

Inventory management based on attributes that helps in, inventory related analytical decisions, computing branch wise gross & net profits, avoiding any differences (even minor) between physical & computer stock etc. That is “In detail inventory analysis of inventory costs, inventory attributes etc. trigger faster inventory movement for higher profitability.”

  • Tracking of to & fro journey of lot items
  • Multi-metal item inventory
  • Inventory based on attribute wise and cost wise packets
  • Clubbing of different barcoded items to form a set with unique barcode label.
  • Barcoding from inward lot based on purchase, goldsmith receipt or stock transfer.
  • Auto copy of purchase cost and attributes of inward lot.
  • Branch wise making type with weight range, metal rate range, supplier.
  • Direct Image capture from TWIN camera.
  • Labeling for ordered items with facility of using barcoded stock as ordered items.
  • Direct weight from weighting scale
  • In transit stock handling with amount for GST if required.
  • Refinery process
  • Profit and loss in old gold purchase.
  • Packing material inventory based on barcodes from supplier.

Service management

Service management not only ensures timely yet smooth services to customers but also helps in offering very rare to find services to them. Even it formulates process flow mechanism for smooth services. That is “With platform integration facility add on services can be given customers that differentiates you from other jewellers.”

  • Customized or designer jewellery making
  • Repair receipt issue voucher
  • Bill of additional material used
  • Accounting and tracking of customer stones
  • Calculation of very genuine cost of services
  • API integration for ornament insurance
  • Alerts on mobile app via API integration

Subcontractor Management

Subcontractor management allows supplier wise comparison based on wastage, making quality, professionalism etc. That helps in getting unique designs made at lower wastage. That is “Vendor collaboration mechanism & efficient design management, helps in retaining good subcontractors, who keep on supplying unique designs that boosts brand recognition.”

  • Supplier quotations item wise, category wise and sub-category wise.
  • Auto work orders based on preferred subcontractors for supply chain item
  • Job worker issue-receipts matching for ITC-4.
  • Matching of diamonds issued and received according to job card number.
  • Repair orders with proper tracking and add on weight details if any.
  • Customer and shop samples with proper tracking.
  • Customers stones tracking in orders.
  • Supplier wise pending orders with details of customer/ shop samples, customer stones etc.
  • Supplier wise pending orders with details of customer/ shop samples, customer stones etc.
  • Subcontractor registration
  • Subcontractor pricing mechanism
  • Outsourcing barcoding to subcontractors
  • Separate portal for subcontractor

Production Management

Production management helps in producing pre-decided designs in pre-decided production schedule with exact end product cost recognition. Even, the stock of metal, alloy, stones, diamonds etc is maintained at each production stage. That is “BOM (Bill of material) management and production process tracking, bring better control over production processes, resulting in effective jewelery manufacturing.”

  • Design master
  • Bill of Material for particular design
  • Bulk production
  • Department wise issue receipts of gold
  • Job card creation
  • Job card wise issue receipts of diamonds
  • Job card wise diamond returns
  • Job card wise use of studs and miscellaneous items
  • Department wise job card wise wastage, losses
  • Job card wise production tracking and reporting
  • Department wise work in progress and inventory reporting
  • Job card wise cost report

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management ensures proper order generation, order allocation, order tracking and follow ups to gold smiths for timely availability and ensures proper ornament delievery to customers. That is “SCM (Supply Chain Management) technology avails right inventory at right place at right time, that finally develops competitive edge for exponential growth.”

  • Creation of supply chain items with wt range, attributes, preferred supplier and other details
  • Defining requisition model for supply chain item
  • Consolidation of branch wise requisitions to form consolidated purchase order
  • Indent for HO to Branches and branch to branch transfers, for fulfilling the branch wise requisitions
  • Customer order processing and repair orders
  • Status reporting of requisition
  • Requisition follow-ups
  • Priority based material distribution
  • Electronic data interchange
  • No wrong orders taking which are not feasible

Application Builder

With Application builder, actual business process flows can be defined and developed, including new alerts and reports for quick feedback and decisions. That is “Application builder with technologies like Low-Code Development Platform (LCDP) and Application Program Interface (API) provides you, self serving advantages in tasks like doing changes in software, integrating latest technologies etc.”

  • Reduces dependency over software developer
  • Brings innovation into reality
  • Creates new applications
  • E-commerce interface
  • Java Script compatible
  • Creates new documents with predefined components
  • Generic components available for document design
  • Add masters and define parallel master for existing master
  • Define engine effects
  • Define component configurations based on document type
  • Set up application customization settings
  • Define work flows with facility of API calls

Schedule Engine

With schedule engine better control over work completion is established via plan, work schedule, execution and feedback. That is “Schedule engine with Workflow Management Technology ensures that the work is being done in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); resulting in speedy yet quality execution.”

  • Work flow triggers with transaction operation, at particular time, through menu etc.
  • Work flow with conditional branching
  • Incorporation of other document masters based on conditions in Work flows
  • Multi-level authorization for discounts with work flow.
  • Alerts through SMS, mobile app and email
  • Alerts for data entry against policy via work flow.
  • Indicates configuration changes
  • Daily, monthly and periodic task list
  • Approvals for accounting vouchers
  • Approvals for rate variation in purchase
  • Authorization for weight error, credits etc
  • Stock and cash approvals at day end

Information Security Management

Information security management ensures that internal users can not access unallocated data and can not do inappropriate transactions. Even it provides data security across internet and against database hacking. That is “Open Security standards along with technologies like HMAC, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Business Unit wise Access Control ensures information safety; that helps in preventing business risks & disturbances.”

  • Restricted data access to vendors and customers
  • Multi-level authentication with password, OTP, IP, mobile and based on geo location
  • Designation wise, role wise user creation.
  • Multiple role allocation to single user
  • Assigning fixed location to users.
  • Role wise configuration of menus and modules
  • Location wise reports reviewing.
  • Document history and audit trail.
  • Date locking facility.
  • Selective rights for data export to Excel.
  • Maintains personal privacy in data base.

Financial Management

Financial management provides budgeting at every department. It helps in achieving tight control over expenses and assists in forecasting the cash flows. Payments can be done fastly, accurately and in a very methodological way. That is “Financial tools like budgetary control, fund management, accounting ratio etc help in prudent financial discipline for corporate jewellery houses.”

  • Automates routine accounting activities
  • Auto accounting up to balance sheet.
  • Preparation of GST returns.
  • Branch transfers with mark up value addition resulting into proper calculation of branch wise profits.
  • Fix asset management
  • Franchise module.
  • Separate Audit module for transaction.
  • Auto TDS cutting and TDS reports.
  • Transaction limits and KYC as per law.
  • Stock valuation for trading accounts.

Human Capital Management

Human capital management helps in creating healthy working environment where employees get motivated to attain predefined results. Even employees start taking responsibilities at their own. That is “HR technology automates many human resource functions such as on-boarding, training calendar, performance management, goal settings that helps in achieving business objectives.”

  • Organization chart
  • Branch wise department wise designation wise excess shortage of employees
  • Leave management
  • Employee information system
  • Time sheet for structured and unstructured activities, in house as well as on mobile
  • Out of office expenses management on mobile
  • Employee appraisal system
  • Employee attendance monitor
  • Target based sales incentives
  • Setting of periodical objective key results and KPIs

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence provides multi-dimensional data generated across the multiple business engines in a very structured form that raises the probability of the success of decision. That is “With data warehousing and business intelligence technology you can create productive and actionable data points, which are essential for exponential growth.”

  • Dash boarding for sales
  • Analysis reports for inventory turn around
  • Demographic, geographic etc analysis of customers
  • Insights based on graphical representation of financial data
  • Creation of result set based on data sets like sales, inventory, transactions etc.
  • Customizing dimensions, measures and values for result set
  • Creating graphical view for result set
  • Publishing as dash board based on user role
  • Context sensitive BI display
  • Intelligent global search