Online Billing

All-inclusive billing reduces the workload and completes the work fast and easily. So it makes both, the customer and you, happy and satisfied. This is based on the formula saying “All complex jewelery transactions and their proceedings must be completed immediately by the billing system.”

  • Fast billing
  • Display of customer information like credit, past purchases etc.
  • In detail ornament information is displayed like weight, stone details, image etc.
  • Multiple transactions in one document
  • Accurate GST calculation as per the HSN code
  • Email facility along with bill printing

Customer Information

Customer information develops transparency in customer transactions that helps in maintaining good relations with them. Auto SMS facility provides a simple way to be in touch with customers. This is based on the formula saying “Continual efforts should be put up to keep customers happy and satisfied”

  • In detailed customer information
  • KYC with document attachment
  • Mailing list with auto email facility
  • Customer analysis reports
  • Saving scheme based on amount, weight etc.
  • Online order updates


Tagging offers unique identification to each ornament. Due to tagging the stock always matches, especially counter wise so the losses incurred due to misplacing of items are avoided. Thus it keeps you tension free in the jewelry business. This is based on the formula saying “Stock should remain tallied always.”

  • Direct weight from weighing scale
  • Multiple photo attachment
  • Auto copy of supplier details
  • Defining attribute types based on requirement
  • Customized barcode formats
  • Auto copy of purchase details


With purchase module, the transactions of suppliers and makers are noted accurately which creates credibility in the transactions. Thus it helps in maintaining long term association with the best goldsmiths and suppliers that ensures of the best quality goods. This is based on the formula saying “The suppliers’ and goldsmith’ accounts should be maintained accurately.”

  • RD purchase for different commodities
  • Receipts of on approval basis goods
  • Type wise goldsmith issue and receipts
  • Goldsmith alloy and carat conversion
  • Goldsmith-supplier ledger and registers
  • ITC4 – GST job work report

Software Setting

Software settings help in combining traditional business values with the new age, very easily! So no alterations are required to be done in existing business style. Even you can implement the business policies conveniently. This is based on the formula saying “New changes continually happening in working methodologies should be adopted”

  • Module wise intelligent settings
  • Customized formats for bills and other documents
  • Interface with different hardwares
  • SMS and email configuration
  • Item type wise, transaction wise accounting effects
  • GST related set ups

Task & Messages

Tasks and messages, offers you the peace of mind by keeping close control over the pending works. In addition it brings betterment in the organizational coordination. Overall it helps in completing the work in time. This is based on the formula saying “Works should be sheduled and completed as per priorities.”

  • Periodic work classification
  • Work list display on mobile
  • Periodic reminders, messages and alerts
  • Schedule wise work updates

Access Control

Access control takes care that no wrong entry or unwanted entry is made, or no entry is made in a wrong or unwanted way. Even it avoids frauds by fixing up certain rules. This is based on the formula saying “Working rights should be given to the staff members according to their ability and responsibility.”

  • Multiple role assignment to single user
  • Role wise widgets and menus
  • Document, Masters updating controls
  • In detail audit trail
  • Log in reports
  • Lock date


Overall, Accounting helps in understanding profit or losses in any transaction immediately. Even it brings transparency in the business transactions. It avoids accounting related deferment to give the clear financial picture continually. This is based on the formula saying “Accounting should be accurate as per the law.”

  • Voucher entry with printing formats
  • Auto accounting up to balance sheet
  • Commodity wise, weight based trading accounts
  • GST return filing
  • Ledgers, Trial balance, P& L etc.
  • Other purchase and asset purchase

Salesman Performance

Salesman performance helps in motivating the staff for better sales. It auto calculates their commission. Especially it encourages the dead stock sales. Overall it assists in maintaining the rapid progress of our jewelry business. This is based on the formula saying “Employees should be appreciated for the good work.”

  • Salesman selection while billing
  • Item wise, category wise incentive structures
  • Salesman wise orders & saving schemes
  • Salesman wise sales reports


Reports highlight each and every small aspect of the jewelry business. They help in taking new decisions. In general, they keep you stress-free. This is based on the formula saying “For consistency in business (for progressive business), habit of creating and perusing various reports should be inculcated.”

  • Reports with drill down facility
  • User definable reports
  • Day end reports
  • All reports in Excel and pdf format.