ERP Software for Jewellery Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer : Acme Infinity : Acme Infovision : India : Maharashtra
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ERP Software for Jewellery Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer : Acme Infinity : Acme Infovision : India : Maharashtra : Jewellery Retailers Advance Accounting Benefits
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Core Management
Human Resource Management | Online Branch Connectivity | M.I.S. Reports and Dashboard   
Human Resource Management Benefits
  • Organizational Effectiveness can be maximized in today’s competitive scenario.
  • Nurturing Human potential, individual capabilities & talents is handled systematically.
  • Detailed information of employees is entered.
  • Targets can be accomplished by motivating the staff via effective compensation structure.
  • Staff’s Activities are monitored & controlled in a better way.
  • Employee attendance can be recorded either using biometric devices or manually.
  • Pay Roll Software can be provided according to requirements.
  • Manpower can easily be directed in respect of performance.
  • Productive environment can be development in the organization very easily.

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Online Branch Connectivity Benefits
  • In case of multiple branches, Lack in administration, management & supervision is over ruled.
  • Multiple branches can be connected centrally with any communication mode like lease line.
  • Monitoring & collaborative tool.
  • The overall Business Efficiency is improved via automated business operation.
  • Financial, sales & related information reports are shared & updated in real time for management.
  • Centralized accounting for branches and head office is maintained seamlessly.
  • Sales bill & saving schemes are posted online for sake of customers.
  • Labeling & bar coding are facilitated online.
  • Data security is ensured via user wise location.
  • All reports are available branch wise as well as in consolidated form.
  • If connectivity fails, Branch functions can be continued separately with local storage.
  • Cost effective solution for efficient branch management.
  • Within geographically distanced branches.
    • Saves Data entry time & ensures accuracy in Inter branch (connected or non connected) stock transfer.
    • In transit stock is accurately tress.

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M.I.S. Reports and Dashboard Benefits
  • Management activities are made easy like
    • Business Environment analysis.
    • Understanding of consumer buying behavior.
    • Lucrative retail opportunities recognition.
    • Innovative marketing plan development.
    • Incorporation of 4P’s - Product, Place, Promotion & Price in strategies.
  • Monthly Sales analysis with drill down facility up to weight range level & category.
  • Quick review of Sales reports with graphical representation.
  • Filtering of reports with various criteria’s.
  • Item wise average days required for selling & current stock for comparison are made available via fast & slow moving analysis report.
  • Clear picture of dead stock via Item wise pending stock analysis.
  • Closing stock to sales ratio gives clear perception on stock management.
  • Dashboard - More than 80 monitoring displays and graphs continuously updating across the branches show current happenings in the branches.
  • Salesman performance can be evaluated via salesman wise sales analysis including incentive calculation.
  • Sales target can be set, considering last year’s sales pattern & break even.
  • Achieved sales target are reviewed.
  • Comparison reports for current monthly sales and last years sales during same month.

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ERP Software for Jewellery Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer : Acme Infinity : Acme Infovision : India : Maharashtra
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Acme Infinity Testimonials Testimonials
PNG, Sunnyvale, USA.
"We are completely satisfied with Acme Infinity. We can proudly say that Acme Infinity Jewellery Software is the best Software PNG have come across!"

PNG, Laximi Road, Pune, Maharashtra.
Systematic way of working and process based approach of Acme Infovision Systems Pvt Ltd. is really appreciable. The software support and service is up to the mark. Acme Infinity is definitely a product that we recommend!

Popley La Classique, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
"Brilliant combination of Creativity & Technology! Great Pleasure of using Latest Technological Inventions!! Just Fantastic Software!!! "

Davanam Jewellers Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
"Since 2008, We are using Acme Infinity! Acme Infinity is a Comprehensive ERP Solution for Jewellers & we are experiencing the same! "

Jyotichand Bhaichand, Pune, Maharashtra.
"I wish to convey my appreciation for the services provided by Acme Infovision."

J K Devi & Sons, Satara, Maharashtra.
"Acme infinity! A Very well balanced Software!! I specially appreciate its Accounting Module & advance Accounting Module!"

Shri krishna Jewellers, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
"Acme Infinity has proven to be true specialized software. We even wished we had found this earlier as we had spent a lot of money and tried few others too."

Chintamani Jewellers, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
"The Efforts put up by Acme Infovision, in taking Chintamani Jewellers on the progressive path, are really beyond words!"

Chandukaka Saraf, Pune, Maharashtra.
"We are using services of Acme Infinity Software since last 10 years and we are satisfied with the service they are rendering to us!"

N.V. Devi Jewellers, Satara, Maharashtra.
"With Acme Infinity, We have successfully completed Basic Computerization, Bar-coding & Shop Expansion. Their enthusiastic hard work is greatly appreciated!"

Achakottil Jewellery, Muvatapuzha, Kerala.
"I am very impressed by my working relationship with Acme Info-vision. No doubt! Acme Infinity is truly specialized Jewellery Software."

Antara Jeweller Pvt. Ltd.- Dadar, Borvali, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
"Its amazing to work with Acme… The way Acme Infinity performs, it's really exciting!! We are running our two branches successfully, with the help of Acme Infinity."

Devi Jewellers, Satara, Maharashtra.
"I wish I had found Acme Infinity earlier! I am happy to say that till date Acme Infinity has helped us to achieve timely delivery of well designed & quality ornaments!"

Avnoor Fashion Jewellery, Tripunitura, Kerala.
"While working, I have experienced Acme’s professionalism, to bring challenges to successful realization. We are amazed by the availability of support team!"

Mhaswadkar Saraf, Satara, Maharashtra.
"We are grateful to Acme Infinity & special mention goes to Money Lending Software. We could really find time to focus on our goals!"

Shreeji Jewellers Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, West Bengal.
"Acme Infinity has been an ideal Software Product for Jewellery Business requirements!Our manufacturing cycle is working smoothly. It’s a reliable ERP partner!"

P. Manoharlal Jewellers & Exporter, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
"We are using the Acme ERP Software since last 2 years, as wholesale, retail & manufacturing module. The Software has given maximum output!"

Ratnatray Jewellers, Daund, Pune, Maharashtra.
"We have been using the software of Acmeinfinity since February 2008. We are pleased to say that it was a very wise decision on our part to opt for the Software of Acmeinfovision Systems Pvt. Ltd."
Rajlaxmi Jewellers, Sadashivgad, Karwar, Karnataka.
"We have been associated with Acme from last 2 years Acme's Softwares. Acme Infinity & Acme Insight are taking good care of our day to day Business Activities!"
Baphana Jewellers Pvt. Ltd, Sharanpur Road, Nashik
When I was setting up my Branch I just have one name in my mind and that’s ‘Acme’. Acme always comes up with new ideas and business strategies for Jewellery Business. Acme is working successfully all over India. Wishing good luck and best wishes to Acme.
OM Jewellers Pvt. Ltd, L.T.Road, Borivali(W), Mumbai
We are thankful to Acme’s Support Team for their timely & productive response! I think Acme Infinity is Software that is beyond our expectations & recommendations!
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ERP Software for Jewellery Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer : Acme Infinity : Acme Infovision : India : Maharashtra
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